We are social media management experts, we help companies manage their social media presence.

Facebook Management

Having a presence on Facebook is an essential component of any businesses marketing plan. Facebook allows businesses to raise awareness, promote products, events and services and create a dialog with the community.

LinkedIn Management

Most social media is used to attract customers, but LinkedIn is uniquely targeted for business to business promotion. Our agency can assist you in leveraging this value platform.

Instagram Management

Instagram offers businesses a presence with one of the most sought after customer demographics -- Millenials. Instagram offers the perfect platform for businesses with great visuals and a story to tell.


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What We Do

At ItsAllGeek2Me, LLC, we believe in fully managing your social media platforms. We will not only post, but also respond to comments, messages and alert you to any issues related to your company's social media profile.

  • Strategy

    Just Imagine

    Imagine your best year ever. Increased online exposure. More visibility. Connecting with customers. Potential sales growth. That's where we come in.

  • Small business

    Entrepreneur Spirit

    As entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to hold a business together. There are so many details to take care of on a day-to-day basis. Smart business owners, hire people to help them so they can concentrate on the busiess of doing business.

Our Founder

Karen Paris Photo

My name is Karen Paris, Owner of ItsAllGeek2Me Social Media Agency. I have spent my career teaching -- taking complex topics and helping other understand them. Now I have applied those same skills to social media. I not only consult with companies about their social media needs, but also help them manage their social media platforms.


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