St Timothy's Tennis Club

Friendly affordable tennis club in Catonsville, MD

Club History
Back in 1955 and 1956 Grace Hobbs always said 'we need to clean up those weeds and trash 
piles on those fine old tennis courts', per her daughter Torie.

In the May 31, 1956 issue of the Herald Argus it was announced that five tennis courts 
would be refinished by the first of June if enough residents showed interest.  The vestry 
of the church chartered the organization to be known as the St. Timothy's Tennis Club. 
To this day we still owe the church a big thank you for their continued cooperation 
in allowing us to survive all these years.

The Argus, on June 14, 1956, announced that the tennis club would officially open the coming Sunday, 
June 17, at 2 p.m. with an exhibition match with 11-year old Mac Pardew and 15-year old Ted Linzey 
and officiated by Frank Roberts.

Stated in the 1959 by-laws:  Family Membership $23.00, Adults $18.00 and Juniors $12.00.

The first officers of the club were:

        President               Wm. Warren Taylor
        V. President            Mrs. Leonard Hobbs
        Secretary               Margaret P. Chapman
        Treasurer               John J. Burger
        1st Teaching Pro        Frank Dickson   
        2nd Teaching Pro        Emile 'Mickey' Mohler

Our Junior Tennis Club numbered 92, one of the largest groups in the area. Little league 
play, established by Robert Stahl started on July 10, 1956.

In 1956 the five clay courts were covered with a new product called Har-Tru from 
Hagerstown and in 1984 all five courts were redone entirely, including an underground 
sprinkler system.

Names of some of the prime movers to start this new tennis club were:  Grace Hobbs, 
Margaret Chapman, Dan Kirby, and Mrs. Herman Cook. 

Other notable first time members to name a few:  Bendann, Cullen, Schlag, Develin, 
Doug Moore, Tansey, Axelby, Price, Rathman, Nolan, Howell, McGill, and many more.