A time clock

SwiftTime is an electronic web-based employee time tracking application that makes it easy for employees and managers to enter, calculate and approve hours worked. It is ideal for companies that track employees time with time clocks, by project, firms with remote employees and companies with non-exempt salaried or hourly employees where documenting hours worked is required by law. This affordable solution can be implemented with no upfront investments in systems or infrastructure and can be accessed from any web based device including mobile devices like Android or iPhone. Specific advantages include:

We have enhanced the SwiftTime application with a local Biometric Device that captures employees In/Out time via a fingerprint and facial recognition device. An overview of the device is here:

SwiftTime is offered as a subscription program. The monthly subscription price is based on the number of employees that are expected to use the system. The Biometric Device is included in the base syatem.

This is an overview of the application.